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Every day, I walk for at least 30 minutes. 

It’s a mental break. It’s a movement break. It’s also my excuse to catch up on my favorite podcast episodes.

I tend towards biz podcasts- my walks are the only time I have these days to squeeze in a little learnin’. And one of my absolute faves is Marketing #Unfiltered, hosted by Sophia Parra.

It’s a marketing podcast, biased towards the socials but it does take a refreshingly holistic approach. She interviews guests that approach marketing from a lot of different directions.

And as she approaches 150 episodes, she’s managed to do something that in my mind is quite remarkable: She’s managed to keep it juicy.

I still listen to most of the episodes and I’m still learning from them.

Last week I had a “pinch me” moment when I found myself on the other end of the interview.

Here’s Sophia’s summary of what we talked about:

1️⃣ What the heck key words are (they’re not actually what you think…)

2️⃣ How to leverage them in your online content

3️⃣ Simple tips for getting your blogs and written content discovered (also easy to prevent mistakes we’re making with our blogs!! — I have definitely made this one in the past!)

4️⃣ What types of content beautifully sets you up to leverage your SEO

5️⃣ Technical things 80% of my clients do that are seriously effing up their SEO (and what to do to make sure you’re not doing those things, too!)

6️⃣ Tools to use to make this all easier

7️⃣ What the heck “back links” are and how we can get them

This conversation was the most fun. And we covered so. much. ground.

You will absolutely come away from this episode with at least one easy thing that YOU can do today to improve your website’s SEO.

I would LOVE for you to give this episode a listen (click the button above). Give Sophia’s podcast a little love. And then come back to comment and let me know if you found the episode helpful.

Did you learn something new?

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Laura Jawad, Ph.D. is a personal trainer and birth doula-turned-SEO strategist for female health and wellness providers.

She offers SEO site reviews, SEO coaching and on-page optimization for wordpress users.

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