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There's No One-size-fits-all in online business.

In 2017, I hung my shingle as both a birth doula and a pregnancy and postpartum personal trainer.

I took courses and earned certifications to learn my craft. I worked with clients to hone my skills. But when it came to efficiently acquiring enough clients to fill my 1:1 roster, I felt lost.

When it came to my professional certification courses and business coaching programs they all taught me the same one-size-fits-all approach:

To attract clients, you must be on social media every day. You must learn to sell in the DMs. You must create the type of content that the algorithms are favoring.

As an introvert, this didn’t feel aligned with my personality or values.

I didn’t want to be an unpaid employee of the social media platform.

I didn’t want Zuck’s bottom line dictating what type of content to produce or informing how I connected with prospective clients.

I didn’t want to dance and point on camera or share every detail of my personal life.

And so, I didn’t think I was cut out to create an online business.


Initially, I only offered in-person services. I built my client base through networking with local birth professionals.

But Covid changed all that. All of a sudden I needed to pivot and bring my services online.

I leaned into creating the type of content I ENJOY creating (long form blogs). I learned more about search engine optimization (–> SEO- how to get Google to show your website in the top search results).

Pretty quickly, I found that I was filling my 1:1 roster with dream clients.

Today, I am on social media, but I use it primarily to nurture connections and network professionally.

With the pressure off (I don’t need it to find clients), I even find I’m enjoying it again.

So, what’s the secret sauce? It’s pretty straightforward:

➡️ Hook: I drive people to my website. Lots of ways to do this: social media, paid ads, pinterest. But my favorite tool?? Organic search (–>Google).

➡️ Line: I make sure they stick around by offering well-written, attractive and valuable content on a technically sound website. No one wants to wait 14 seconds for a site to load or encounter a bunch of broken links

➡️ Sinker: I get those people on my email list by offering abundant opportunities for them to sign up for my lead magnets and newsletters.

➡️ Reel it in: I nurture my email subscribers by emailing regularly and leading with value.

My client leads come from direct inquiries on my website OR from my email list.

Of the folks that reach out to me, I frequently hear that my website is what piqued their interest. It’s the thing that makes me stand out in a sea of other folks offering similar services.

Today, I help people like YOU achieve the same online success. I’ll help you get found on Google so you can grow your business without relying on social media.

Whether you want to divest from the socials entirely, or you want to open yourself up to a new market, I’m here for it-

You can browse my services at the bottom of the page, or you can just book a chemistry call and I’ll tell you all about them.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Schedule a Chemistry Call and let’s discuss how we can get your website to show up in your client’s search results.


Who am I to do this thing?

I’m a Ph.D. trained scientist-turned-personal trainer and birth doula who has built two booked-out practices using the art of SEO.

I filled my doula roster in a saturated local market. And I filled my personal training practice in the crowded online space. 

Local and online, I’ve used SEO as my billboard.

I’m a professional problem solver and a life-long learner.

I’ve taken courses, of course. But my expertise has been forged in the real world of online business.

If you want an SEO who has first-hand experience building a business using these tools, I’m your girl.

My core values

1) Autonomy:

With SEO, the variables for success are in your hands. Not Zuck’s. I help women (and non-binary or transgender people) break free from the reigns of Meta.

2) Free and equitable access to up-to-date, evidence-based information:

Everyone, regardless of means, should have access to high-quality, evidence-based, up-to-date information. Not just the information crudely pumped out by corporate websites seeking clicks for ad dollars. I help folks who are working at the cutting edge of their clients’ pain points get their solutions and offers to the top of Google search results so more people have access to better information.

3) Be a force for good:

I support businesses that promote the health and wellness of people of ALL colors, ALL sizes, ALL sexual orientations and ALL gender identities. I don’t tolerate or work with content or brands that degrade or devalue any group of people. I’m cool with your narrow niche, as long as your brand advocates for diversity and inclusion.

4) Teach and learn

I’m a forever student (and hopefully so are you!). I hold myself to high standards and challenge myself to stay current in a constantly evolving tech-landscape. Through continuing education, practical experience and gracious consideration of constructive feedback I’m always learning and growing.

5) Science is real.

Climate change is being driven by humans. Vaccines are effective against Covid-19. Abortion is healthcare. 

How I can serve you

Photo of a woman's hands working on a laptop with a matcha off to the side.

SEO Site review + Strategy call

This is for you if you have a team or you’re fairly “tech-y” and you enjoy managing your own website.

Photo of Laura Jawad taking a Zoom call on her laptop.

SEO Coaching

This is for you if you want to learn SEO but you want the accountability and support of  me by your side.

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Done-for-you SEO

This is for you if you know you should “do your SEO” but you don’t want to do it yourself.


Schedule a Chemistry Call and let’s discuss how we can get your website to show up in your client’s search results.

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