How To Repurpose Your Instagram Captions For Your Blog

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You’ve worked HARD to create your Instagram content. For what, 24 hours in a spotlight?

Don’t let your ideas and your work fade into social media obscurity.

Instead, turn your content into a lasting, searchable asset on Google that can drive search engine traffic to your website for YEARS to come.

Here are a few ideas:

1) Add More Value

You might have shared basic tips on Instagram, but your blog allows for depth.

Flesh out your content with case studies, detailed explanations, and additional resources.

And while you might think it’s harder to write LONGER content, for most folks, it’s harder to be concise.

Your blog gives you the opportunity to say all the things and explore nuance where you may have been limited by the 2200 character limit.

How long should your blog post be?

There’s no “minimum length” for a blog post, but you’ll find that most pages that rise to the top of search engine results pages have at least 1000 words.

Do they all have to be that long?

Nope. This one’s not.

The real goal is to make sure you thoroughly address the focus topic of your blog post that a reader doesn’t have to go elsewhere to get the information they need.

Focus on value, that will dictate the length.

2) Compile Multiple Posts Into A "Listicle" Or "Ultimate Guide"

Another way to add value is by combining multiple social posts into a one-stop resource.

Gather a series of Instagram posts on a theme like “pelvic floor health” or “best glute exercises” and compile them into a list post or “ultimate guide” on your blog.

Hopefully this goes without saying: Make sure you edit your final post for readability and flow. Add and introduction, conclusion and relevant call to action to tie it all together.

3) Spice It Up With Keyword Research

Instagram loves hashtags, but your blog thrives on keywords.

Research great keywords around your existing content and weave these into your blog posts to boost your Google rankings. 

Strategic use of relevant keywords transforms your blog into a magnet for aligned organic search traffic.

Not sure where to start? Check out this FREE fill-in-the-blank keyword research resource:

SEO Simplified: Master Keyword Research With The G.R.O.W. Frameword For Female Fit Pros

4) Use Original Images And Video

Incorporate original images and videos into your blog posts.

You can re-use video from Instagram Reels (upload to YouTube first!) or infographics that you designed for static posts.

If you have additional photos or videos to supplement the graphics you created for social, use them!

Pro tip #1: Exercise demos make great multimedia for blog posts.

Pro tip #2: To get the most SEO-benefit, use your keywords in your image file names and alt text. Be sure to optimize the size of your image files before uploaded them to your blog.

5) Personalize With Stories

Share client success stories or case studies that relate to your posts.

This not only adds a personal touch but also demonstrates your experience and expertise, qualities that Google looks for in top-ranked content.

Stop Creating Disposable Content!

When it comes to getting found through organic search, keywords and content are queen.

If you’re only producing content for your socials and neglecting to regularly update your blog, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

You’ve got the ideas – it’s time to expand them and feature them on your website, creating opportunities to get found on Google.

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