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Are you a heck yes?

✔️ The stars have aligned and you’re ready to double down on YOUR platforms (your website and your email list)

✔️ You’ve got a bank of long-form content (blog, podcasts, youtube videos) OR you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and produce some

✔️ You understand SEO is like the stock market. It’s an investment that accrues value over time (it typically takes 3-6 months to start seeing results).

Here’s your next steps:

Select a package

Choose your style of support- 

You can choose “Do It Yourself”, “Done With You” or “Done For You”.

Book a call

We’ll schedule a time to connect for a little vibe check and to make sure I can accommodate your project needs.

All services (except a Power Hour) start with a call.

we'll get to work

I’ll take a deep dive into your online visibility, website SEO and website user experience. On the basis of that research and your business goals, I’ll create a bespoke strategy to boost your website’s visibility and traffic.

featured Packages

SEO Site review + Strategy Call

Get detailed insight into your online visibility and website performance. Along with your audit, you’ll receive at least 5 recommendations for improvements and a strategy call to help explain your results and your action list.

You’ll receive:

  • SEO report and strategy recommendations
  • Keywords your website and top 3 competitors are currently ranking for
  • Top pages currently driving traffic to your website
  • 1 recorded, up to 60 minute Zoom call walking you through the report and the documents
  • 1 week of email support for clarifying questions

Investment: $747

SEO Coaching

Everything in the SEO Audit PLUS:

  • 5 additional one-hour coaching sessions over 6 months to help you implement the recommendations from your audit
  • Learn to maintain your own website SEO for the long-haul
  • Build a blog content strategy to support your SEO efforts
  • Blogging for SEO template to make optimizing your posts a breeze
  • Email support and feedback in between calls

Investment: $1997

SEO Sweat SEssion

This is SEO done-for-you.

I’ll personally restructure your page content to check the SEO-boxes and make sure the core pages of your website are set up to deliver you traffic.

This package includes everything in the SEO Audit PLUS I’ll optimize your:

  • Keyword Research
  • Heading Tags
  • Alt tags
  • Meta tags
  • Image size, file names and alt text
  • Headlines
  • Internal links
  • Other on-site items identified in the audit, on a case-by-case basis

 **Wordpress Only, 3 main navigation pages

Investment: $2497

Content booster Packages

01. Blog Strategy

Develop 5 category buckets
Focus Keywords for 15 blog posts
Blogging for SEO template to make optimizing your posts a breeze

Investment: $997

02. SEO Blog Copyediting

Copyediting for flow and clarity
Headline re-writes for SEO
Addition of keyword synonyms and related keywords to improve SEO
Recommendations for internal linking (to and from the blog post)

Investment: $100 per article, up to 1500 words

03. SEO Power Hour

60 minutes to get my brain on your website and hash out a plan to increase your website traffic.

Investment: $250/hr

Frequently asked questions

A resounding YES. Good SEO:

  • Is an insurance policy for when you’re social media platform takes a dive or gets hacked
  • Opens up an entirely new customer segment
  • Creates credibility and nurtures trust. It looks hella impressive when you come up as the answer to your client’s googled questions

SEO is like the stock market. Your initial investment is going to take some time to mature and start yielding dividends, but once it does, it’s like free money.

Generally, expect SEO efforts to take 3-6 months to start yielding an increase in trafic. It takes about 12 months for SEO to fully “mature”.

In order for Google (and your audience) to view you as an authority, you need to create a body of long-form work.

Does it have to be a blog? Technically, no.

You need to have some type of long-form content and it needs to be hosted on your website.

I like a blog becuase you can FULLY optomize and wordsmith with SEO in mind.

You can also transcribe your podcast episodes or YouTube videos and host those on your website as well.


But I will help you plan your blog strategy, organize your content pillars, research your keywords, create outlines and hold you accountable to a writing timetable.

I’ll even copyedit to put a final polish on the words that you write.

I think it’s important for you to write your own content because:

1) It creates trust between you and your potential clients

2) It helps you refine your brand messaging

3) Writing is a skill you need for the lifetime of your business. And if I do it for you, you’ll be left out to dry when our contract ends.

I don’t want that for you.

I want to support you to develop systems that remove the barriers to long-form content creation and I want to help you become a better writer.

This number is going to be variable. 

If you’re doing it yourself, commit half a day a week (or more if you like) to implementing the changes in your Action List and creating content.

If you’re coaching with me, this will depend on how much content you need to create vs how much archived content we’re using.

When we have our chemisty call, I can give you a better idea based on your individual goals and the type of support you’d like.

I work primarily with women, non-binary and trans-masculine health and wellness pros in the pelvic health, pre/postnatal and fitness space.

While I could work with a variety of service professionals, I specialize in working with health and wellness pros because I AM a health and wellness pro.

As a birth doula and perinatal personal trainer, I speak your languange and I know your industry inside and out.


1) I support female, non-binary and trans business owners because I want to help elevate the messages of folks whose voices have been systemically surpressed.

2) I want to elevate the online experiences of women, non-binary and trans-mascline individuals by improving the information they are served in search resutls.

I want to see the people on the front lines of SERVING these populations showing up at the top of Google search results, rather than the Healthlines, the WebMDs and the LiveStrongs. 

By improving the online visibility and searchability of female and gender-diverse service providers, we will also improve the experience of the populations they serve.

Laura is extremely knowledgeable and straight to the point while being easy to listen to. She took the time to research my current site and social media prior to the call. My assistant was also on the call and was so excited to help me implement her suggestions. Her knowledge of the fitness industry was also a huge bonus because she could guide me with more specificity so I could stand out in an oversaturated market. I can’t recommend her enough!
Head shot of Katie St. Clair, creator of Empowered Performance
Katie St. Clair
Empowered Performance
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