What’s an SEO Audit?

Learn what an SEO is and how it can bridge the website you’ve got with the traffic and the audience you desire.

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I used to think I wasn’t cut out for online business. Turns out? I just wasn’t cut out for social media.

Online marketing encompasses a wide spread of marketing practices that include social media, but also include paid advertising, referral marketing, public relations and of course, search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is the art of getting Google to serve you up at the top of organic search results for relevant queries.

And the key to making the most of SEO is crafting a website that is both Google-friendly AND super valuable for people.

If you want to improve your SEO and make your website “Google friendly”, begin with an SEO Audit.

What Is An SEO Audit?

An SEO audit assesses your website’s ability to appear in search engine results pages (SERPs).

You can think of it like a wellness checkup for your website.

You’ll receive detailed feedback on your site structure, content quality, user experience, backlink profile, keyword optimization, and compliance with current SEO best practices.

A complete SEO audit should include the following:

✅ Technical SEO checks

This is the behind-the-curtain look at your website. These checks make sure your site is running smoothly and is easy for search engines to read. It looks at page speed, mobile-friendliness, internal linking and security.

✅ Backlink analysis

Check out who’s talking about you! Backlink analysis identifies the quality of external sites linking back to yours, which influences how much Google trusts your website.

✅ On-page SEO Audit

This covers your page structure. This will review the boring basics like your heading tags. how your images are titled and sized and your meta-data (your meta-descriptions and meta-tags).

✅ Content and Keyword REview

This is a deep dive into what you’re saying on your website. Do your website pages and blog posts meet the needs of your audience? Are you optimizing for the right keywords?

✅ User experience (UX) assessment

UX is an underappreciated but important factor in SEO. Make sure visitors love staying on your site. A good audit uncovers any roadblocks in navigation or design that might push your audience away.

The outcome of your SEO audit should give you a clear picture of where you stand and how you can improve. It’s the first step towards attracting more of the right traffic to your website.

Can I Perform An SEO Audit Myself, Or Do I Need A Professional?

Absolutely, you can perform a basic SEO audit using a site audit tool like Ubersuggest.

These tools offer a great starting point for DIY SEO by highlighting areas for improvement based on automated analysis.

However, the depth and insight a professional brings go beyond algorithms.

A professional SEO audit digs deeper, offering nuanced analysis and personalized recommendations. Not only will a pro identify SEO issues, they’ll help you understand their impact on your biz and help you strategically address them.

Bringing in a professional offers fresh eyes on your business and your website.

We often miss what’s right in front of us due to familiarity.

An external expert can uncover hidden opportunities and offer objective advice needed to level-up your website.

As an SEO strategist, my approach combines sophisticated SEO tools with years of experience.

I don’t just present data; I interpret it within the context of your unique business goals. I prioritize your to-do list with the actions that offer the most significant benefits and guide you through implementation to ensure you see real results.

What Happens After An SEO Audit?

After completing your SEO audit, the next step is to make sense of the findings. If you’ve hired a professional, they’ll guide you through your report, highlighting key areas for improvement and suggesting a strategy for moving forward.

It’s common to uncover a large number of issues during an audit, but they don’t all warrant immediate attention.

The trick is to identify and prioritize actions that promise the most significant impact.

Start with the essentials. For example. fix broken links, optimize your photos, and fill in your meta-data.

With the initial audit behind you, the focus shifts to ongoing SEO maintenance. This can include regular monitoring (using Google Analytics and/or Google Search Console) and updates to keep up with evolving best practices and algorithm changes.

Remember, SEO is a practice, not a one-time fix.

What Impact Can I Expect on My Website’s Traffic and Rankings Post-Audit?

The impact of an SEO audit unfolds over time. The goal is to build a stronger foundation for your website, making it not only more visible but also more valuable to your audience.

Depending on how quickly you implement the recommendations from your audit, you’ll begin to see incremental improvements over the course of the next 3-6 months.

The immediate outcome might not be dramatic, but the trajectory should point upwards.

SEO Audits Uncover Opportunity

If you want to improve your rankings in search engine results and draw more of your right-fit clients to your websites, an SEO audit is essential.

It’s not just about identifying what’s broken or what’s not working.

It’s about uncovering opportunities.

It’s about finding ways to engage more deeply with your audience, to rank higher in search results, and ultimately, to grow your business.

And if you’re serious about maximizing your online presence?

Consider a professional SEO audit.

An SEO pro can provide a depth of analysis and personalized strategy that DIY tools can’t match. Their expertise can uncover nuanced insights and offer tailored advice to improve your website’s performance in ways you might not have considered.

Whether on your own or with professional guidance, an SEO audit is key to making sure your website stays ahead in the search results.

If you read this far and you’re thinking, “Wow, I need this!”, I’ve got you covered.

Schedule your SEO Site Review and Strategy Call (–> my name for an SEO audit) and we’ll get your SEO on the right track together.

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