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Navigating the world of online marketing is overwhelming. And exhausting.

Especially when your passion lies in health and wellness, not in social media management or running ads.

That’s where my FREE SEO Kickstart Guide comes in.

Specifically designed for health and wellness pros like YOU, it bridges the gap between your valuable services and the clients who need them.

By focusing on the right SEO strategies, you’ll not only increase your website traffic but you’ll connect with more right-fit clients efficiently and effectively.

It’s easier than you think!

After you download the SEO Kickstart Kit, you’ll have instant access to 5 step-by-step checklists:

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Begin with Starting Strong With SEO and then pick and choose from the checklists that will best serve you. Use just one or use all five!

The SEO Kickstart Kit was created with YOU in mind.

Tailored For Your FitBiz:

Every piece of advice is crafted for the health and wellness pros.

Actionable Steps:

Clear, manageable steps for immediate application and results.

SEO Without Overwhelm:

Intuitively structured for easy understanding and implementation.

This is a resource I wish I had when I began my online personal training business.

Oh hey!

I’m Laura. And SEO is my love language.

I’m a personal trainer-turned-SEO strategist and it’s my great joy to help female health and wellness professionals elevate their content and their services to the top of Google search results.

Whether you want to build your business without relying on the socials, or you just want to future-proof your business by investing in your website- I’ve got you.

The SEO Kickstart Kit is my gift to you. I hope it will make SEO a little more approachable and a little more fun.

I can’t wait to hear how you use it!

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Wondering if the SEO Kickstart Kit delivers?

Headshot of Julie Mavros, BodyMind Coach.

I just downloaded your SEO Kickstart Kit! Jam packed with information broken down to bite sized micro steps…because there are many steps. 😉 And bless you for the SEO Glossary of terms for us non-techy folks!! 🙏

Headshot of Celia Varghese, Mindset Coach.

I just checked out ‘The SEO Sidekick Starter Kit,’ and wow, I was blown away by how easy it is to approach SEO with the checklist. My favorite part was the ‘How to Use this Kit’ section, which helped me know which section I needed to start with first. It also helped me stay organized on what to do next. I especially loved the ‘How to Use Backlinks’ section, which is where I had been wanting to learn more. ‘The SEO Sidekick Starter Kit’ provided so much useful information, and I feel confident about how to start incorporating SEO and backlinks into my business. Thank you, Laura, for this amazing resource!

Laura’s SEO Kickstarter Kit is incredible! The content is beautifully organized with crystal clear step-by-step instructions including where to start, what to do next, and what the benefits are for completing that step. The SEO Kickstarter Kit is so much more than a checklist – these small actionable steps are already helping my business! As a hyper local service based business, the Local SEO checklist is so beneficial! I’ve been using it to go back to my website and make sure the content, contact information, and links are all up to date and I am already seeing more engagement and traffic on my website! I consider myself a low-tech person so I love that Laura includes a glossary. Thank you. Laura for this super resource. I have it bookmarked and I know I will be using it often!

Headshot of Brenda Rigney, Dream Biz Coach

I can’t say enough about Laura’s SEO Starter Kit. Its easy-to-follow steps are perfect for the solopreneur that is eager to amp up their digital presence and to attract high quality leads to their website. Since downloading this free resource, I have already made modifications to my website for speed and Google friendliness. Next up is a blog!!

“This kit is GOLD — I only wish I had it sooner. I love that it’s broken down into 5 separate checklists depending on where you’re at in your SEO journey. Whether you’re barely just starting to understand what the heck SEO is (me!), more advanced, or somewhere in between, this is a useful tool to come back to again and again.”

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